Biographical information
Age Unknown
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Chronological Information
Profession Cruise Director
First appearance The Family Cruise
Voiced by Janie Haddad Tompkins
"How does that sound?""

Carla is the overzealous Cruise Director of the S.S. Funtanic, who appeares in episode The Family Cruise.


She wears a cruise hat and cruise dress.


  • Unlike other antagonists of the series, Carla was not defeated.
  • She has a scorecard it has Funtivity, Parents and Kids and the games are Wall Climb, Shuffleboard, Paintball, Volleyball, Limb, Golf, Surfing, Cha Cha, Skeet Shooting, Tetherball, Chciken Chase, Karoke, Yoga, Fishing and Badminton.


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