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Through many of Dan's revenge shenanigans, he has various disguises that he uses through the show.

Dan's Normal AttireEdit

Tumblr inline mmidbyFJwG1qz4rgp

Used in: [Dan vs New Mexico & Most Episodes of Dan vs.]

Dan's normal attire is the main pair of clothes worn by Dan. The Attire consists of a black shirt with large white letters saying, "JERK", blue jeans with white sewed trim, and black shoes.

Dan's Traffic Worker CostumeEdit

Traffic outfit

Used in: [Dan vs Traffic]

Dan is wearing his usual attire (which is his black shirt with jerk written in white as well as plain blue jeans) with a safety vest, hard hat and fake mustache.

Dan's Army Coat AttireEdit


Used in: [Dan vs Canada]

Dan is wearing his usual attire (which is his black shirt with jerk written in white as well as plain blue jeans) but he also is wearing a green army coat with a white patch and red and blue arrows on his left.

Dan's Dead Uncle's Sailor SuitEdit


Used in: [Dan vs Golf]

Dan is wearing an expensive looking blue suit, it has a white undershirt and red scarf, on his left side is a white pocket and yellow crown. His blue hat has a white nautical symbol.

Dan's Magician CostumeEdit


Used in: [Dan vs The Magician]

Dan is wearing a black top hat & black suit with a white undershirt and white gloves, he also has a purple cape and bow tie.

Dan's Medical GownEdit


Used in: [Dan vs Canada, Dan vs. Parents & Dan vs. The Common Cold]

It's simply Dan in his underwear and a tie up medical gown that is a soft pink with maroon spots.

He also has a medical bracelet on.

Dan's "Bridesmaid" TuxedoEdit


Used in: [Dan vs The Wedding]

Dan is in a Lime Green Tuxedo that has a pocket on his left with a lighter green undershirt that has frills and a darker green bow tie. The suit is lined with the same green as his bow tie.

Dan's Trench Coat Edit


Used in: [Dan vs The Cat Burglar]

Dan is wearing a large brown trench coat (that is way too big for him) and a brown hat. Underneath his trench coat is his normal attire.

Dan's Christmas Elf CostumeEdit


Used in: [Dan vs The Mall Santa]

Dan has a "traditional" Christmas elf costume on. It's a dark green tunic with a black and gold belt, a large green and white hat with a gold bell, oversized pinkish pointed ears, red and white stockings, large green shoes with bells and white wrist cuffs.

Dan's Cowboy OutfitEdit


Used in: [Dan vs Wild West Town]

Dan is wearing a "typical" cowboy outfit. A grey long sleeve shirt and black vest, A Hankerchief, large silver belt buckle, black western hat with "bullet" trim and black pointed shoes. His Paintball Gun is Purple.

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