Dan's car on the right

Despite what many people believe (including Dan), Dan does care about other things aside from himself. Mr. Mumbles is one thing, but the other thing is his car. In spite of the fact that is in terrible shape Dan still treats it well.

Dan's car has been the catalyst for many episode plots.

Often disrespected, Dan's red hatchback vehicle gets Dan to where he needs to go when it is not being maimed or defaced.

In several episodes, his car was either damaged, messed up, and/or dented.


  • According to both Dan and Mechanic Mike, it's an off-brand Filipino model. And that the closest dealership is in Manila and "closed down 12 years ago."
  • Dan's car resembles a cross between a 1985-1988 Plymouth Horizon and a 1983-1992 Volkswagen Rabbit.
  • Dan's car is often in serious need of repair, as seen that it constantly breaks down as well as the engine sometimes sputtering while being driven.
  • Dan's car is seen to be able to fit a body in the trunk of the car as seen in "Parents."
  • It is unknown when Dan acquired his car, or whether he bought it brand new or used.
  • Dan's car was once turned into a fighting robot in "The Mechanic."
  • No matter how many times Dan's car has been destroyed or damaged, it always returns good as new in the next episode.
  • Dan's car has a car phone inside the glove box as seen in "The Telemarketer". This could indicate that the vehicle was possibly manufactured from the 1980's- early 2000's