On November 24, 2016, the Official Dan Vs. Facebook Page began uploading several outtakes and deleted scenes from the show daily and finished uploading on January 3, 2017.

There were a total of 41 deleted scenes uploaded to the page, the first one being from "The Family Thanksgiving" and the last one from "The Superhero".

Some deleted scenes are obvious on why they got cut (Dan's Tape being an example), but other's are not so clear, like the alternate ending to George Washington.

The Facebook page claims it's still holding more outtakes, but as of June 2017, none have surfaced.

List of deleted scenes Edit

*Note: these are all listed in the order they were uploaded

# Deleted Scene Description Episode
1 Eggs! Chris corrects Dan on how to pronounce Benedict Arnold and Dan yells "Eggs!" in response. The Family Thanksgiving
2 It's a Boxspring Extended sequence of Don and Elise Sr. talking to Dan. The Family Thanksgiving
3 More Turkey Day Shenanigans Various clips including Don saying "That's a lovely dress, Mr. President." in his sleep, and an extended sequence of Chris and Elise talking while Elise unties Chris in the bedroom. The Family Thanksgiving
4 Nice Hit Chris getting tackled by Don in football including cut audio like Dan saying "So much for Grandkids". The Family Thanksgiving
5 Wow Wow Wubbzy Sometimes editors get tired and Dan wanders on to their old shows... The Wolf-Man
6 Dan's Tape (1) Chris and Elise look at a tape Dan left for them and before it starts, we briefly see footage of what appears to be a hooker standing over his bed. (and a brief image of the Hooker sitting on his bed) Traffic
7 Dan's Tape (2) Same thing as the first video except we just the Hooker sitting on the bed. Traffic
29 Dan Breaks Things An extended scene where Dan breaks various objects in the Woman's house. The Cat-Burglar
30 Help! A cut scene where Dan causes a car to crash, resulting in the Driver to get stuck on the sign on Dan's apartment, and he screams (with poor voice acting) about how much agony he's in. This got cut because it worked better on paper. The Animal Shelter
31 He's not Catholic An alternate ending where the fake Doctor puts on a glove and says "Don't worry, I'm not a doctor" and tells Dan to take off his pants. (and there's a shot with The Doctor where he has no pants on)

In a separate room, a Priest holds Chris' hand and Elise says "stop it, he's not even Catholic."

The Animal Shelter
32 Dan argues with an Unconscious Chris A cut scene where Dan gets into an argument with Chris (who is unconscious, so technically he's arguing with himself) which results in Dan slapping Chris, apologizing and agreeing to get him a milkshake. NOTE: This unlike the other deleted scenes is fully animated. The Animal Shelter
33 Right in the Rectum A cut line from Imposter Dan where he tells The Officer to taze Dan in the rectum. The Telemarketer
34 It's Adorable that you think that A slightly alternate version of the scene where Dan, Chris and Elise confront Imposter Dan. The Telemarketer
35 Tomato is a Fruit A Fat guy gets sad by the lack of fries, Dan tells Chris to stop living in a fantasy world then suggests something that would only happen in a fantasy world, and Dan explains that Tomato is a fruit. Vegetables
36 Detection Software Chris goes over to talk to Elise and Elise's robot has software that can detect who's coming, it identifies Chris and Mr. Mumbles (Chris was holding Mr. Mumbles in the alternate version of this scene)

Elise also mentions borrowing parts from the robotics lab at work.

The Mechanic
37 The Best Medicine Dan says that there's a saying that "The best medicine is more of the disease". The Mechanic
38 Minister Dan Dan explains that he got ordained as a Minister in the First Church of the World Wide Web. The Boss
39 Training Montage A slightly longer Training Montage sequence. Was cut for time. The Mechanic
40 Ancient Drawings Chris looks at ancient drawings in the museum and see characters that look just like him and Dan. The Mummy
41 Goodbye Mr. Mumbles Dan, Chris and Mr. Mumbles are walking down the street in their costumes when suddenly Mr. Mumbles is crushed by a safe. Her blood and everything is shown when crushed. The Superhero

The Barber Animatic (feat. Tiny Zeus Lister) Edit

Before the Facebook page released a bunch of deleted scenes in late 2016, an animatic for the episode, The Barber was posted on August 25, 2016.

It's basically the same exact episode, but the Barber is a black guy voiced by Tiny Zues Lister, instead of a white guy. This also provides a possible explanation for why Becky is a mixed race in the finished version of the episode.

The animatic can be found here:

Gallery Edit

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