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The show is about a man named Dan who thinks the world is against him and recurringly goes on revenge missions to "destroy" whom or whatever has wronged him (the wrongings often involving things happening to Dan's beloved but often misused car). Accompanying him in his revenge missions is his put-upon friend, Chris, who can't help but go along with Dan's wild plots to get even despite how ridiculous they may seem.

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  • BarkingChaos

    Please cease all conversations about Hortence's age.

    The facebook confirmed that she lied about her age. Dan was probably not aware that she was only 14. 

    Dan is not a pedophile.

    I do not want talk of p…

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  • TheDerpyDanTheory


    September 8, 2017 by TheDerpyDanTheory

    I wish Dan Vs. got more merchandise. All we have is a DVD. a JERK shirt and some Dan Vs. cards that were handed out in SDCC 2011.

    I want to see so many things from the show.

    • POP figures of Dan, Chris,…
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  • TheDerpyDanTheory

    Other things I'd want to change about the wiki are mostly about the main page.

    The little slide thing still has "Season 3 confirmed!" on it, I'm guessing its been there a while, because Season 3 ended…

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