Dan-Vs.-The-Parents 2
Biographical information
Age Possibly 8
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Chronological Information
First appearance Parents
Dennis is the former adopted son of Dan, later current adopted son of Jean Goodhill and Flynn Goodhill. He first appeared in Parents.


Dennis is basically a small young Dan. He loves violence and torturing people (the perfect match for Dan) but the Goodhills wanted him 1st he is one of the normal but still unusual kid. He had a blast with Dan but after his time with the Goodhills Dan suspected they were bribing Dennis, having had enough Flynn decided to attack Dan and (with the help of Dennis) he manages to defeat them. But the owner of the adoption home came by and looked at Dan's prison records (and he's been thrown in jail so many times that she ends the sentence with a low whistle) meaning Dan is forced to give Dennis to the Goodhills (and Dan and Dennis make a promise that Dennis will steal from them any chance he gets and he will)


  • He owns a knife made out of legos which was confiscated by Flynn when he tried to hurt him with it.
  • He and Dan both have the same interests.
  • Because Dan was sent to jail in almost every episode, he cannot keep Dennis due to a backround check.
  • He has only been featured in one episode which is "Parents".

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