Dr. Pullum
Biographical information
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological Information
Profession Dentist
Super Villain
First appearance The Dentist
Voiced by Mark Hamill

Dr. Pullum is the owner of Dr. Pullum Family Dentistry and a super villain that has been Dan's dentist since he was little.


Dan's tooth falls off and then he blames Dr. Pullum for the accident. When Dan returns to his office, he decided to threaten Dr. Pullum. Later, he was trying to get Chris to believe that Dr. Pullum is a supervillain. After showing codes to Elise for Dan to make Chris prove he's a supervillain, Dan found out he actually is one and decides to chase Dr. Pullum down to his evil tooth-shaped lair. He realizes that Dan and Chris have entered his evil lair, so he sends his dentobots to take them down. Dan and Chris destroyed the dentobots though, and have physically entered his lair and stopped Dr. Pullum's evil plots. After he stopped Dr. Pullum, Dan made his evil lair self-destruct. Dr. Pullum is last seen yelling "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNN!!!!!!!!!!" after Dan destroyed his lair.


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