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Season 1: 2011Edit

EP# Title Airdate Prod. code
1 "New Mexico" [1] January 1, 2011 101

A broken window and cactus needles leads Dan to believe that it's New Mexico's fault.

"An adobe brick through his car window. Cactus needles on the ground in the street. An armadillo tripping him on his way out of his apartment. It could only mean one thing: Dan has been attacked by New Mexico! After researching ways to injure the 47th state, Dan heads out on a road trip with his buddy Chris and Chris' wife Elise (who harbors her own grudge against New Mexico) and they set out to hit the Land of Enchantment where it hurts." - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs  New Mexico

2 "The Wolf-Man" [2] January 1, 2011 102

When claw marks appear on his car, Dan is a 100% sure the culprit can only be done by the Wolf-Man.

"When Dan awakens to find that his car has apparently been scratched by a creature with claws, fur, and tennis shoes, he sets out to take his revenge on the only possible culprit -- the Wolf-Man! Enlisting the help of his long suffering friend Chris, Dan sets out to prove once and for all that not only does the mythical Wolf-Man exist, but that the creature is no match for Dan!" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The Wolf-Man

3 "The Dentist" [3] January 8, 2011 103

Dan tries to discover the secret agenda of his dentist, whom he believes to be evil.

"When Dan breaks his tooth on a toy bear given to him years ago at his last dental check up, and Chris is unable to fix it with the rudimentary means on hand, Dan knows that this was on purpose and his only recourse is a long overdue trip to that most notorious of floss pushers: The Dentist." - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The Dentist

4 "The Ninja" January 15, 2011 104

Dan's outrage over stolen cookies leads to the discovery of a ninja vendetta against Elise.

"When a ninja attacks Dan and steals his cookies, a furious Dan turns to his friends Chris and Elise to assist him in revenge. But little does he know that he and Elise share a common enemy. Whose revenge is this, anyway?" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The Ninja

5 "The Animal Shelter" January 22, 2011 105

Constant barking at night keeps Dan up tempering him to want to blow up the Animal Shelter.

"Barking dogs at the animal shelter across the street are keeping Dan awake at night and the indifferent clerk won't do anything to stop it. Dan is forced to take his revenge to ensure future peace and quiet." - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The Animal Shelter

6 "Canada" January 29, 2011 106

On his way home Dan gets covered in Maple Syrup causing him to set out to destroy Canada.

"When a series of Canadian-related tomfoolery causes Dan to be covered head to toe in syrup, he wages a personal war on our neighbors to the north. Armed with questionable information about Canada's history and people, Dan travels deep inside Canada's mildly sordid underbelly. But when Chris reveals a secret of his family lineage that may or may not give him a direct link to the focus of Dan's revenge, the adventure escalates more than ever before. This time -- revenge is personal!" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs Canada

7 "Traffic" February 19, 2011 107

Gridlock motivates Dan to seek revenge on traffic in the city.

"A large soda, a long movie, and an out-of-order men's room at the local dollar theater bring about a bladder emergency for Dan on his way home. Sadly, Los Angeles gridlock proves to be the last straw in an already-bad situation, and Dan soon finds himself bent on revenge against traffic itself. Armed with righteous anger, Dan focuses on transportation, the commuters, and pompous local traffic correspondent Helicopter Hal in his battle for personal justice. Street congestion will never be an issue again, if Dan has anything to say about it!" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs Traffic

8 "Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre" March 5, 2011 108

Dan Vows revenge on a group of men from the local dinner theatre.

"Insulted by hack actors and bad food at the local dinner theater, Dan dons a disguise in an effort to infiltrate his nemesis from within." - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre

9 "Baseball" March 12, 2011 109

Dan seeks revenge on baseball when the World Series preempts his favorite TV program.

"After a broadcast of the local baseball game pre-empts Dan's favorite TV show and a crowd of unruly baseball fans break his car's side mirror in a violent scuffle for a home run ball, Dan sets out to destroy America's favorite pastime!" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs Baseball

10 "The Salvation Armed Forces" March 19, 2011 110

Dan goes to war after his car is accidentally donated to charity.

"When a parking mishap results in Dan's car accidentally being donated to charity organization The Salvation Armed Forces, Dan attempts to clear up the mistake with reasoning and communication. Sadly, Dan is not very good at reasoning and communication, and he walks away car-less, bent on revenge. Revenge against the SAF is going to take military might and Dan just may have to start a full-scale war." - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The Salvation Armed Forces

11 "The Beach" March 26, 2011 111

Dan acts out against the surf when an overload of beach traffic appears on his street.

"Beset upon by careless beach bums, Dan decides destroying the beach is the only way to rid himself of them." - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The Beach

12 "George Washington" April 2, 2011 112

After a tree falls on top of Dan's car, Dan blames George Washington.

"Convinced that our nation's first president is directly responsible for a tree collapsing onto his car, Dan enlists Chris and Elise on his most insane revenge plan yet. Ignoring the logic that a dead man could not possibly be the tree-cutting culprit, Dan is determined to prove that the father of our country has it in for him. What ensues might very well change Dan and United States history as we know it!" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs George Washington

13 "Technology" March 9, 2011 113

When Dan has a bad experience using a computer, he sets out to Silicon Valley.

"When his brand new computer dies and is rendered defunct, Dan heads to Silicon Valley to plot his revenge against the head of the leading computer company." - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs Technology

14 "The Barber" April 16, 2011 114

Dan goes after his barber, after he gets a awful haircut and ruins his evening plans.

"When a Barber purposefully gives Dan a bad haircut right before Dan's big date, Dan decides that the only suitable retaliation is to give the Barber an equally horrific haircut. But upon his return to the Barbershop, Dan finds that his nemesis has left town on a family vacation, forcing Dan to call upon Chris and Elise for help with his revenge. But once he arrives, Dan discovers something shocking that only confirms his pointed course." - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The Barber

15 "Art" April 30, 2011 115

Dan tries to destroy the artist who decorated his car without asking permission.

"Dan heads out of the house one morning to find that his car has become the canvas for a local artist's newest masterpiece. Furious, he sets out to destroy the entire artistic community from the ground up, and in the process, gain his sweet revenge on the artist himself!" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs Art

16 "Elise's Parents" May 14, 2011 116

Dan plots revenge on Elise's parents when their visit prevents him from hanging out with Chris.

"When Dan's annual trip to the Renaissance Faire with Chris is cancelled due to a visit from Elise's parents, Dan sets a plan in motion to get rid of the interfering folks by involving the police and the local mafia. Soon everyone is up to their ears in undercover agents, thugs, and mafia hit men!" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs Elise's Parents

17 The Fancy Restaurant May 21, 2011 117

Dan's favorite sandwich shop gets closed down, so Dan goes after the new gourmet restaurant that replaced it.

"Chez Purree, a fancy new French restaurant, moves into town and everyone is excited to try it out except for Dan, whose favorite sandwich shop was a casualty of the new establishment's arrival. So, with Elise and Chris in tow to celebrate their anniversary, Dan concocts a scheme to ruin the restaurant's reputation." - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The Fancy Restaurant

18 "Dan" May 28, 2011 118

Dan's identity has been stolen by an imposter. Now, Dan has to find out a way to get his identity back.

Dan returns home from a court appearance to find that an imposter has stolen his identity, moved into his apartment, and started living his life! But the worst part is -- this "Imposter Dan" is living Dan's life as a well adjusted, friendly, and helpful guy! Though at first the real Dan finds it hard to convince Chris and Elise that his very identity has been usurped, they soon see the truth for themselves and set out to help Dan regain his life by any means necessary. - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs Dan*Imposter

19 "The Family Camping Trip" June 4, 2011 119

Dan tries to destroy the family camping trip, when Chris goes camping with Elise and her parents.

"When Chris can't join him for a movie marathon due to a family camping trip, Dan sets off to the woods for revenge." - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The Family Camping Trip

20 "Burgerphile" June 11, 2011 120

Dan tries to destroy his newly favorite restaurant after getting bad service.

"Dan chains himself to the door at his favorite burger joint in protest of poor customer service." - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs Burgerphile

21 "The Magician" June 18, 2011 121

After a street magician publicly humiliates Dan, he sets out to prove that all magicians are frauds.

"When Elise's watch is taken in the midst of a magic show, Dan attempts to expose a local magician as a fraud and a thief." - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The Magician [Link #1], Dan vs The Magician [Link #2]

22 "The Lemonade Stand Gang" July 9, 2011 122

Dan vows revenge against a group of thuggish children who are aggresivly selling lemonade outside his apartment.

"Dan and Chris set out to stop a group of underage hooligans who have begun extorting money from local citizens through a neighborhood lemonade stand." - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The Lemonade Stand Gang [Link #1], Dan vs The Lemonade Stand Gang [Link #2]

Season 2: 2011-2012Edit

23 "The Family Thanksgiving" November 19, 2011 201

Dan wants to burn Elise's Parents's house to the ground after not inviting him,but they invite him anyway but they only want him for one thing. His deviled egg recipe.

"" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The Family Thanksgiving

24 "The Mall Santa" December 17, 2011 202

When Dan and Chris land jobs at the mall's Christmas display, Dan swears revenge on a curmudgeonly Mall Santa who despises Christmas. Meanwhile, Elise is assigned by the secret agency to take down the assassin under the codename of "The Snowman".

"" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The Mall Santa

25 "The Neighbors" January 28, 2012 203

Dan discovers his car has a fallen pie on it and he blames the Neighbors.

"" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The Neighbors

26 "Dancing" February 4, 2012 204

Dan's anti-dance crusade gets in the way of Elise's dancing queen dreams, so she sends him to the dancing capital of the world.

"" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs Dancing

27 "The Bank" February 11, 2012 205

After Dan's bank raises their ATM fees, Dan enlists Chris and Elise to help him pull off a heist to reclaim his money.

"" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The Bank

28 "The Monster Under the Bed" February 18, 2012 206

An ancient creature takes up residence under Dan's bed, so he wants Chris and Elise to help him rid of it.

"" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The Monster Under the Bed

29 "Golf" February 25, 2012 207

After Chris gets a new hobby, golf, Dan and Elise try to sabotage one of his tournaments.

"" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs Golf

30 "The Gym" March 3, 2012 208

Dan gets tricked into signing up for a long-term gym membership, and while fighting it, uncovers an alarming conspiracy.

"" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The

31 "The Wedding" March 24, 2012 209

Dan tries to prevent the wedding of his true love, Hortense.

"" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The

32 "The Catburglar" March 31, 2012 210

Dan's cat, Mr. Mumbles goes missing drawing him into a thriller and the arms of a captivating, mysterious woman.

"" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The

33 "The Dinosaur" April 7, 2012 211

A rampaging dinosaur destroys Dan's car, so he and Chris partner up with a croc hunter.

"" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The

34 "Stupidity" April 14, 2012 212

Dan seeks out the Governor for revenge for America's sinking I.Q.

"" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The

35 "The Telemarketer" May 16, 2012 213

Dan plots to end the persistent phone calls of a telemarketer, but is soon surprised to find out he knows the caller.

"" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The

36 "Reality TV" May 26, 2012 214

Dan is forced into becoming a competitor on a reality show. Though he hates it at first, he discovers the grand-prize is a trip to Astronaut Sleepaway Camp, which gives him motivation to win.

"" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The

37 "Parents" June 2, 2012 215

Displays of bad parenting skills among local citizens, motivates Dan to adopt a child of his own and prove he could be a terrific father.

"" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The

38 "Gigundo-Mart" June 9, 2012 216

When a new supermarket opens up near Dan's residence, pushing other stores out of business and causing Chris to buy items in bulk, Dan and Elise try to destroy it.

"" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The

39 "Chris" June 16, 2012 218

Dan and Chris fight over a replica death ray toy.

"" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The

40 "Wild West Town" June 23, 2012 217

Dan vows revenge on a Wild West Town after a refund is not given.

"" - Starz Media Youtube Chanel: Dan vs The

Season 3: 2012-2013Edit

41 "Anger Management" November 17, 2012 301
Dan is forced to take a course in anger management to control his destructive instincts, and finds a kindred spirit in the mild-mannered, but incredibly unstable class instructor.
42 "The Mummy" November 24, 2012 302
When the object of Dan’s revenge turns out to be a laid back, undead Egyptian king who won’t leave him alone, Dan resorts to some ancient means of pest control.
43 "The Boss" December 1 2012 218
When Dan is forced to get a temp job to pay his rent, his aggressive behavior helps him climb the corporate ladder.
44 The Mechanic December 8, 2012 303
Dan learns that his mechanic has been using parts of Dan's car to build a giant robot and he gets in on the action for revenge.
45 "The High School Reunion" December 15, 2012 304
Dan plans to pull the ultimate prank on his high school reunion out of revenge for not inviting him. 
46 "The Common Cold" January 19, 2013 219
After His Bingo Day Is Ruined By A Cold, Dan Wants Revenge On The Cold

"The DMV"

January 26, 2013 305
Dan wants revenge after A ticket for an expired license.
48 "The Ski Trip" February 2, 2013 220
Dan is stuck on a ski trip, so he tries to escape.
49 "Jury Duty" February 9, 2013 306
Dan thinks he is an alienated victim, but he gets stuck serving jury.
50 "Vegetables" February 16, 2013 221
Dan wants to destroy every farm of vegetables after Burgerphile removes fries from the menu.
51 "The Superhero" February 23, 2013 307
Dan vows revenge on Terrifi-Guy for a motor vehicle issue.
52 "The Family Cruise" March 2, 2013 308
Dan wants to throw the ship into the Blackhole and take the lifeboat back to Los Angeles.
53 "Summer Camp" March 9, 2013 309
Dan and Chris recount their first adventure together as friends, meeting in summer camp and taking on a bullying camp counseler


The following section is a list of "TBA" episodes. While these particular episodes may be known and confirmed, the order in which they will air is currently unknown. (Items on this list may be removed or added to when necessary.)

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