Dan-Vs.-Gigundo-Mart 2

Store interior.

Gigundo-Mart is a popular supermarket chain.

During the store's grand-opening near Dan's location, customers quickly took notice and increased traffic within the area, which irritated Dan, who observed that customers were even willing to park on top of each other in order to gain access.

Gigundo-Mart also began to hurt other stores financially and encouraged Chris to buy excess products in bulk. This lead Dan to attempt to destroy the store by engaging in battle between one of the employees, while Elise also targeted the store for having somewhat brainwashed her husband.


  • Their mascot is a little elephant, as seen in the storefront logo.
  • Gigundo-Mart has poor security, as Dan managed to gain access through another person's ID card.
  • They are obviously similar to the real world shop 'Costco.'
  • Chris mentions that psychiatric help is priced at five cents. This is a reference to the peanuts character Lucy who runs a psychiatric help booth and charges five cents per customer.

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