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"I had no idea saving money could be so much fun!...Or cost so much..." - Chris
Gigundo-Mart was a popular supermarket chain in Dan Vs, it's first and only appearance was in the episode of the same name.

Gigundo-Mart was located just down the street from Dan's Apartment.

Appearance Edit

Exterior Edit

Gigundo-Mart is a huge, square shaped superstore with a red and orange logo that has an Elephant for a mascot on it.

It's outside walls are silver and it has a delivery station on the side for delivering products into the store.

The Parking lot is huge and contains a lot of vehicles in it.

The entrance to Gigundo-Mart is guarded by a old yet incredibly strong old man who requires that you show your membership card before entering. Despite the fact that he's strong, it's still easy to sneak in since he's prone to sleeping on the job.

Interior Edit

The Inside of Gigundo-Mart appears to be bigger than the outside, it has rows upon rows of merchandise.

There are multiple lights on the ceiling and the logo is seen again on the inside wall of the store.

Gigundo mart logo


The Logo is red and orange with "Gigundo-Mart" written in giant letters on it, the center of the logo contains the mascot for the store, which is an Elephant wearing a dark blue shirt and dark blue hat with the letter "G" on it, most likely standing for "Gigundo-Mart".

It's logo is probably an elephant to indicate that it's the size of an elephant or that you'll save the amount an elephant weighs.

History Edit

During the store's grand-opening near Dan's location, customers quickly took notice and increased traffic within the area, which irritated Dan, who observed that customers were even willing to park on top of each other in order to gain access.

The store marketed itself as a place to buy more for less, which obviously a lot of people in Dan's world gravitated towards.

Gigundo-Mart began to hurt other stores financially (such as Ninja Dave's Cookies) and encouraged Chris to buy excess products in bulk. This lead Dan to attempt to destroy the store by engaging in battle between one of the employees, while Elise also targeted the store for having somewhat brainwashed her husband.

Fate Edit

Elise ended up shrinking the entire store and giving it to Chris as a souvenir, but by mistake she accidentally shrunk the store Greeter that was also inside!


  • Their mascot is a little elephant, as seen in the storefront logo.
  • Gigundo-Mart has poor security, as Dan managed to gain access through another person's ID card.
  • Gigundo-Mart makes fun of its real life counterparts such as Costco and Walmart.
  • Chris mentions that psychiatric help is priced at five cents. This is a reference to the peanuts character Lucy who runs a psychiatric help booth and charges five cents per customer.
  • The Wolf-Man can be seen shopping here, even though it hurts his own business.
  • A Membership card is required to shop there.
  • You can buy spray cheese and a hot tub in the same aisle.

Gallery Edit

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