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Gigundo-Mart Greeter
Biographical information
Age Possibly 60s or older
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Balding
Chronological Information
Profession Greeter
First appearance Gigundo Mart

Gigundo-Mart Greeter is employee of Gigundo-Mart. He first appeared in Gigundo-Mart (episode) as the main antagonist. He is ironically quick and strong while wheezing and coughing due to old age.

He is an old man and the security of the store. He initially throws Dan out of the store because he did not have a member card. The greeter often falls asleep on the job. Dan attempts to take advantage of this and sneak in, but he wakes up and throws Dan out of the store once more. ,Then dan come in the store by coming being in a frozen fish create he was found by Chris When he was looking for something frozen,then after putting dan in a Spa pool,Else was mean about

gigundo turning her husband into a stop fan,She had a

shrink ray,Then Dan and him had a fight with the Picker carts,Then after Dan's broke knock down Dan then else made a Pickles jar giant and it landed on him,later Esile shrink the Store and gave it to Chris as a toy be she realize that she left the greeter in the store when she strink it,Making the greeter angry.

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