Jiro Kushigi
Biographical information
Age Unknown
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Chronological Information
Profession Baker, Ninja
First appearance The Ninja
Voiced by Jeff Bennett

Jiro Kushigi, aka Shinobi no Mono, is a ninja who bakes cookies. He first appeared in The Ninja. When his cookie shop was burned down, he became the most feared assassin in the land and trained rouges in the art of ninjustu. He led a tradition to steal cookies and vowed to never prepare his own baked goods again.


He appears to have been a fun-loving, happy man until his home and shop were destroyed.


He is dressed in a casual, but traditional Japanese fashion. His receeding black hair is tied in a ponytail




  • His nickname Shinobi no Mono translates to Theif of Things.
    • This is a general term to call all Ninja by, and is now shortened to Shinobi.

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