Kale Goodhill
Biographical information
Age Looks like 5
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color low yellow
Chronological Information
First appearance Parents
Voiced by N/A

Kale Goodhill is the son of Jean Goodhill and Flynn Goodhill. He first appeared in Parents (episode).


Kale doesn't speak, possibly meaning he's mute. Because his parents are hippies (as you can tell since they're pacifist. meaning they can't fight) they allow him to do whatever he pleases such as frollec naked at the park while chasing butterflies. He later appears at the fun center having fun before Dan takes over and teaches the parents the word of Dan (Discipline Action kNowlege) by forcing the kids to do work and breaking Kale's toy to let him do what Dan said until the real owner comes by (after being stuffed in a trunk after Dan tricked him) and Dan. He later appears at the adoption home picking up Dennis (he is not seen or featured once except in the store).