Dan VS Kelly
Biographical information
Physical description
Gender Female
Chronological Information
Profession Actress
First appearance Reality TV
Kelly Bikini

Kelly is an actress who stars in Buddy's Reality TV Shows. She first appeared in Reality TV (episode).

Appearance Edit

Kelly is blonde, wears a plaid skirt and a dark grey tank top.

Personality Edit

In a video tape shown on the reality show Dan was forced in, Kelly is described as a girl looking for love that isn't just a pretty face, as she has "lots of interests".

During the episode, she seems bubbly and not too bright.

Not much is actually known about her personality outside of television, but it is revealed at the end of the episode that she is actually married.

Job Edit

Kelly is an actress who stars in "America's Next Top Amazing Bachelor Challenge" created by Buddy Starr.

Quotes Edit

"Oh, you guys are sweet."

"I see a turtle"

"Dude, I'm married"

Trivia Edit

  • Kelly is married despite starring in "America's Next Top Amazing Bachelor Challenge", a reality TV series created by Buddy Starr.

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