95¢ (location)AbbyAgent Bro-face
Amber/ReferencesAngelinaAnger Management (episode)
Art (episode)Art ArtstienAshigaru Soldier
Bank ManagerBarry DitmerBaru
Baseball (episode)Becky/ImagesBecky/Personality
Becky/ReferencesBecky BarberBen
Bobby (Summer Camp)Broccoli MonsterBronson
BrutusBuddy StarrBurgerphile
Burgerphile's EmployeesBurgerphile (episode)Café Pureé
Canada (episode)CarlCarla
Carlos AlazraquiCarrieCasa Paradisio
ChadChad's HenchmenCharacter Guide
CharlotteChef PureeChompey
ChrisChris's Great Great GrandfatherChris's Great Great Grandmother
Chris (episode)Chris BattleChris Pearson
Claire PleasantClarkColby
Confused-Looking EnemyConglomerateCopper
Cree SummerCrunchyCurtis Armstrong
DAN VSDMV (location)Dalton Claffey
DanDan's Costumes and AttireDan's Parents
Dan's Revenge ListDan's carDan (episode)
Dan MandelDan Vs.Dan Vs. Deleted Scenes
Dan Vs. FridayDan Vs. This GameDan Vs. Wiki
Dancing (episode)Dancing catsDarla
Dave FoleyDean and MooseDeborah Peterson
Dr. Pullem Family DentistryDr. PullumElise
Elise's ParentsElise's Parents (characters)Elise's Parents (episode)
Episode GuideEuniceEvil Penguins
Female Salvation Armed Forces EmployeeFlynn GoodhillFood La La
Frankie the PoacherGallery:HortenseGeorge Washington (Character)
George Washington (episode)Gigundo-MartGigundo-Mart (episode)
Gigundo-Mart GreeterGiselle MontgomeryGolf (episode)
Governor of CaliforniaGrey DeLisleHelicopter Hal
Henry WinklerHippie CaptainHiram
Honey O'HoulihanHortenceHwang
Jean GoodhillJeffJeff/Images
Jeff BennettJeff the TruckerJennifer and Jason
Jenny TateJeremiah BurgerJeremiah Burger's Ex-Wives
Jiro KushigiJohn DiMaggioJury Duty (episode)
Kale GoodhillKarrenKelly
Kevin McDonaldLarryLemonade Stand Gang
Lemonade Stand Gang (characters)LifeguardList of allusions
LloydLos Angeles, CaliforniaLouie
LucyMacMadame Zelda
Magnifico the MagnificentMale Salvation Armed Forces EmployeeMall Santa (Character)
Mark HamillMary Kate PleasantMaurice
Mechanic MikeMechanic Mike/ImagesMechanic Mike/Personality
Mel DarwinMel Darwin/ImagesMeredith Baxter
Michael GrossMikeMikey Pleasant
MirandaMistakes found in episodesMittens
Mr. BarberMr. Barber/ImagesMr. Dofran
Mr. MumblesMr. Mumbles/ImagesMr. Mumbles/Personality
Mr. Mumbles/QuotesMr. Mumbles/ReferencesMr. Tadesco
Mr. TedescoMr. Tedesco/ImagesMr. Zimmerman
Mrs. FitzpatrickNavigationNervous Actor
Nervous Actor/ImagesNew MexicoNigel
Nigel/ImagesNinja Bus DriverNinja Dave
Ninja Dave's CookiesNinja Dave/ImagesNinja Dave/Personality
Ninja Dave/ReferencesOlaf MagnasumPaget Brewster
Palace GuardPapoose PavilionParents (episode)
Population Control JohnnyPrescott Richman IVPrescott Richman IV/Images
RashinshReality TV (episode)Riot Squad
Robot Chris and Robot EliseRobot DanRules
S.S. FuntanicSamanthaSeason 1
Season 2Season 3Season 4
Siberian ManSkeletonsSkip
Snobby ActorSnobby Actor/ImagesSpencer Bainbridge
SprinklesSpy BossStan
Stupidity (episode)Summer Camp (episode)Tara Strong
Tech GuyTechnology (episode)Ted
Terrifi-GuyThe Amazing PeterThe Animal Shelter (episode)
The Bank (episode)The Barber (episode)The Beach (episode)
The Boss (character)The Boss (character)/ImagesThe Boss (character)/Personality
The Boss (character)/ReferencesThe Boss (episode)The Catburglar (episode)
The Common Cold (episode)The Complete First Season (DVD)The DMV (episode)
The Dentist (episode)The Dinosaur (episode)The Family Camping Trip (episode)
The Family Cruise (episode)The Family Thanksgiving (episode)The Fancy Restaurant (episode)
The Gym (episode)The High School Reunion (episode)The Hockey-Masked Maniac
The HubThe ImposterThe Imposter/Images
The Imposter/PersonalityThe Imposter/QuotesThe Imposter/References
The Lemonade Stand Gang (episode)The Magician (episode)The Mall Santa (episode)
The Mechanic (episode)The Monster Under the Bed (episode)The Mummy (episode)
The Neighbors (episode)The Ninja (character)The Ninja (episode)
The RobbersThe Salvation Armed Forces (episode)The Sheriff
The Ski Trip (episode)The Sub-Marine CafeThe Submarine
The Superhero (episode)The Telemarketer (episode)The Wedding (episode)
The Wolf-Man/TranscriptThe Wolf-Man (episode)The Yeti
Theater Main ActorTheater Main Actor/ImagesTimmy's Mother
Toddler ToddTom KennyTompson
Tony MinestroneTony Minestrone/ImagesTraffic (episode)
Traffic CopTyeTyra Argentina
Tyra Argentina/ImagesUncle RaymondVegan Vic
Vegetables (episode)Vice Baseball CommissionerVideos
VinceWally's Emporium of Hardware and ExplosivesWally Fitzpatrick
Ward PleasantWarrior WigwamsWiki Guidelines
Wild West Town (episode)Wolf-ManX-5
Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner TheatreYe Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre (episode)Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre Actors
Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre Owners

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