Madame Zelda
Biographical information
Physical description
Gender Female
Chronological Information
Profession Fortune Teller
First appearance George Washington
"Who is it that enters the sacred warehouse of Madame Zelda?""
Madame Zelda

Madame Zelda is the fortune teller who Dan goes to in order to talk to the ghost of George Washington. She is voiced by the legendary June Foray. 


Madame Zelda is dressed in a stereotypical gypsy type wardrobe.


She seems to be a fraud and has no regret scamming people out of their money. During Dan and Chris' visit to talk to George Washington, Madame Zelda claims to be channeling Washington's spirit. Chris is quick to point out that this is not how George Washington would act. She gets nervous when Chris starts quizing her on facts about George Washington. After Dan and Chris leave, she breaks her foreign accent and proclaims in a very American accent, "The things I do for 50 bucks."


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