Mall Santa (Character)
Biographical information
Age Unknown (Probably Mid 30s-50s)
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Chronological Information
First appearance "The Mall Santa"
Voiced by Mark Hamill

Mall Santa is the antagonist of the Dan Vs. Christmas Special, Dan Vs. Mall Santa.

Appearance Edit

He is a lazy man, always seen wearing a dirty, beat up Santa suit, has a 5:00 shadow, and brown hair.

Personalty Edit

He is entirely lazy, mean, grouchy and a complete liar. He does have some anger issues like Dan, however, unlike Dan, it seems as though his actions do not work in favor of the greater good. He seems to have hated Dan the second they met, and dubbed Dan, "Stinky the Naughty Elf." 


  • It's unknown why he got a job as a mall Santa due to how much he hates Christmas and Santa because of a toy he could have easily bought in stores. It's possible he was trying to make Santa look bad or it was the best he could get for a job.
  • Out of all the villains so far, he's been the most offensive towards Dan, depite Dan not doing anything to him