Mel Darwin
Mel Darwin
Biographical information
Age Unknown
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological Information
First appearance The Dinosaur

Mel Darwin is a famous hunter. He first appeared and only appeared in Dan Vs. The Dinosaur. He is known as a very famous hunter called the Reptile Wrestler.


When Dan, Chris, and Ben walked into his room, Mel punched Dan in the face, and then said "How ya feelin', mate?" Mel wanted in the team to investigate the dinosaur, and Dan agreed to let him join, but Mel punched Dan again. Dan has told Mel the story about the dinosaur destroying his car. Mel then describes the dinosaur as dehydrated. He then goes to the jungle with the trio. They go to a museum, and find the dinosaur who destroyed Dan's car. Mel ripped his shirt off and then used a lasso to climb up on the dinosaur's head. He strangled the dinosaur with the lasso, while Dan and Chris, shot her with an arrow, and Ben ran away. After Dan "fired" him, he decided to betray Dan and Ben. He used his snake to tie up Elise. He then dies when the Burgerphile sign crushes him.

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