Ninja Dave
Biographical information
Age late teens - early 20s
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Blue-Black
Chronological Information
Profession Ninja (former)

Baker, Cookie shop owner.

First appearance "The Ninja (episode)"
Voiced by Eric Bauza
Ninja Dave (voiced by Erik Bauza) is a character from Dan Vs. He is a former ninja and the creator of Ninja Dave's cookie shop.


For nearly the entire Ninja episode, Dave is in his traditional Ninja garb similar to Elise's.

At the end of the episode, and every appearance after that, Dave sports a red t-shirt with his shop's name, blue jeans, and green and white trainers. Topped with a little paper hat pictured with a cookie.

His hair seems typical of Japanese youth (specifically the "deliquent-type"), with the sides and back kept short or shaved off and long with a wild frontal style.


Dave first appeared in "The Ninja", where he attempted to assassinate Elise for becoming a rouge. He surrendered after losing a fight with Elise. He then revealed to them that his entire ninja clan was wiped out in a bus accident.

Dave redeems himself and opens a cookie shop called "Ninja Dave's" in the city and offers Dan, Chris, and Elise free cookies.

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