Prescott Richman IV is a rich overweight man with a membership at a Golf club. He was briefly friends with Dan in "Golf".

Appearance Edit

Prescott is overweight, with combed brown hair. He typically wears a dark blue uniform with a blue cap.

Relationships Edit

Nigel Edit

Nigel is Prescott's butler who does pretty much everything for him, including playing his own golf games! Nigel doesn't speak and just does whatever Prescott tells him to.

Dan Edit

When Dan was trying to stop Chris from playing Golf from good, he vandalized a locker-room and signed Chris' name on it to frame him, but before he could finish it, Prescott caught him and asked Dan to explain himself, Dan claimed he was trying to fix the vandalism and give it a positive message. Prescott bought this and said his butler Nigel could take care of it.

Soon, Dan and Prescott became buddies. They got massages together and relaxed in a Jacuzzi while ladies got them food to eat. Dan was even considering replacing Chris with Prescott... but then he found out Prescott doesn't like cats and was more of a dog person, Dan promptly dumped him and resumed his mission to stop Chris from golfing.

But he later used Prescott again to convince Chris he liked Golf and wasn't competeting in the Golf tournament to sabotage him. 

Gallery Edit

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