The Second Season of Dan Vs. had a total of 18 episodes and originally aired on The Hub from November 19, 2011 to June 23, 2012.

The first episode of the season, "The Family Thanksgiving" premiered on November 19, 2011. The season ended with the finale "Wild West Town" on June 23, 2012. 

This season is notable for having the first explicitly holiday themed episodes, which were for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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List of Episodes (2011-2012) Edit






Episode Directed By Written By Prod.




23 1 "The Family Thanksgiving" Stephanie Arnett Dan Mandel 201 11/19/11
24 2 "The Mall Santa" Ashley Lenz Chris Pearson 202 12/17/11
25 3 "The Neighbors" Stephanie Arnett Chris Pearson 203 01/28/12
26 4 "Dancing" Stephanie Arnett Dan Mandel 204 02/04/12
27 5 "The Bank" Ashley Lenz Chris Pearson 205 02/11/12
28 6 "The Monster Under the Bed" Stephanie Arnett Chris Pearson 206 02/18/12
29 7 "Golf" Ashley Lenz Bruce Ferber, Kirill Baru and Eric Zimmerman 207 02/25/12
30 8 "The Gym" Stephanie Arnett Dan Mandel 208 03/03/12
31 9 "The Wedding" Stephanie Arnett Chris Pearson 209 03/24/12
32 10 "The Catburglar" Ashley Lenz Kirill Baru and Eric Zimmerman 210 03/31/12
33 11 "The Dinosaur" Stephanie Arnett Kirill Baru and Eric Zimmerman 211 04/07/12
34 12 "Stupidity" Ashley Lenz Chris Pearson 212 04/14/12
35 13 "The Telemarketer" Stephanie Arnett Chris Pearson 213 05/19/12
36 14 "Reality TV" Ashley Lenz Kirill Baru and Eric Zimmerman 214 05/26/12
37 15 "Parents" Ashley Lenz Kirill Baru and Eric Zimmerman 215 06/02/12
38 16 "Gigundo-Mart" Stephanie Arnett Melody Fox 216 06/09/12
39 17 "Chris" Stephanie Arnett Chris Pearson, Kirill Baru and Eric Zimmerman 222 06/16/12
40 18 "Wild West Town" Ashley Lenz Kirill Baru and Eric Zimmerman 217 06/23/12

Trivia Edit

  • There are episodes in Season 3 that were originally supposed to air in Season 2 but were held back for unknown reasons.
  • Episodes originally intended for the second season include "The Boss", "The Common Cold", "The Ski Trip", and "Vegetables".
  • These episodes would've brought the season to a total of 22 episodes, like the first season.
  • This season has sequel episodes to episodes in the first season, such as "The Wedding" which is a sequel to "Burgerphile" and "The Telemarketer" which is a sequel to "Dan".

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