Summer Camp
Season 3, Episode 13
Elise Finds Photo SummerCamp
Air date March 9, 2013
Written by Chris Pearson, Amy Blaisdell
Directed by Ashley Lenz
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Summer Camp is the thirteenth and final episode of the 3rd season and the series (respectively). It is the fifty-third episode overall.

It originally aired on March 9, 2013.


Dan recounts how he first met Chris as kids at a summer camp called "Camp Atrocious".


Elise is going through boxes in her garage when she finds a box with "Camp Atrocious" written on it. She cuts it open and pulls out a picture showing a group of campers with Chris and Dan in it. She questions Chris about this, Chris remembers it being a horrible experience and that it was worse than it sounds. Dan walks in and starts yelling as he usually does, but after noticing the box, he instantly calms down and begins talking about what a "great" time he had at Camp Atrocious.

*more coming soon.


  • This is the Series Finale, as the series was cancelled and not renewed for a 4th season.
  • This is the first time we see Dan and Chris as children.
  • Young Elise has her hair in a ponytail.
  • By the time Dan finishes his story, Chris has consumed three pizzas, four tubs of ice cream, nine sodas, four bananas, one box of cereal, about three candy bars, and three boxes of Chinese food.  In addition, the floor is littered with assorted packages that might have contained hamburgers.
  • The pile of empty boxes, wrappers, and containers once containing food gets steadily larger as the episode goes on.
  • The co-writer of this episode, Amy Blaisdell, is also credited as the assistant editor for the series.


  • It was previously implied Dan had a terrible childhood in the episode "Dan".
  • Dan has shown to not have a very good opinion of his parents, especially his mother in "Anger Management".
  • It's revealed Elise has been a part of her secret organization since childhood, but she does not recall how she met her boss.


  • It's revealed that Dan and Chris have been best friends since childhood, but this would be impossible since Dan's birthday is 10/31/1975 and Chris' birthday is 02/22/1985.
  • At one point when Dan and Chris are hiding in the bushes, young Dan is mistakenly drawn with his soul patch.



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