"He's not talking to me right now." - Dan, The Wolf-Man

Ted is an unseen, but mentioned, character and an implied friend of Dan. Thus far, he has made no appearance. He is on Dan's list.

Biography Edit

There isn't much known about this unseen character, but at one point or another, he was Dan's friend until something caused a divide between them, most likely of Dan's own doing.

He has yet to have appeared in the series (and probably never will) but he was mentioned in "The Wolf-Man" when Chris suggested Ted should help Dan, and Dan replied with "he's not talking to me right now." and he has appeared on Dan's List.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • "Dan" was originally going to be a Dan Vs. Ted episode, but according to the official Dan Vs. Facebook page, "SOME people didn’t like the inside baseball of it all, so we just made it weird. And thus was born The Imposter, brought to life by sore-wristed writers, inky-fingered (figuratively because we live in an inkless future) artists, spunky Korean animators, and a character actor that dreams are made of, John C. McGinley. "

Quotes Edit

"Next time, you should have one of your OTHER friends help you." - Chris
"Like Who!?" - Dan
"I don't know, how about your friend, Ted?" - Chris
"He's not talking to me right now." - Dan
– Dan and Chris, The Wolf-Man

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