The Common Cold
Season 3, Episode 6
Dan sleeping - the common cold
Air date January 19, 2013
Written by Kirill Baru, Eric Zimmerman
Directed by Ashley Lenz
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"The Common Cold" is the sixth episode of the 3rd season and the forty-sixth episode overall.

It originally aired on January 19, 2013.

Overview Edit

Dan heads to the Department of Controlling Diseases in hopes of ridding the world from the common cold. 


Coming soon!

Trivia Edit

  • Dan claims he has never been sick before, but he was sick in Season 1's "Canada", either he doesn't remember this or is lying.
  • Dan and Chris apparently play Bingo with old people.
  • Dan has a day planner written on his hand.
  • This episode is the closest Dan has come to dying.
  • This episode aired about 2 years after the show initially premiered.

Characters Edit

Gallery Edit

Promos Edit

  • The first promo is a clip uploaded on The Hub's YouTube channel on January 15, 2013.
  • The second is another clip uploaded on The Hub's YouTube channel on January 18, 2013.
Dan Vs00:48

Dan Vs. - "The Common Cold" (Clip 2)

Dan Vs01:37

Dan Vs. - "The Common Cold" (Clip 1) - Hub Network

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