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The Family Cruise
Season 3, Episode 12
Dv309 046 PromoStill
Air date March 2, 2013
Written by Brian Turner and Garrett Frawley
Directed by James Krenzke
Episode guide
The Superhero
Summer Camp
Dan can't escape the ship's never ending family activities. 


Dan goes on a family cruise ship with Chris, Elise and her parents, but unfortunately, Dan got stuck on a cruise, so Dan has no choice but to stay and try to play a few games. But when Dan hears about the "win at badminton, and you can be the captain of the cruise ship", Dan plays badminton with Chris and Elise's dad Don. But for Elise and her mom Elise Sr., Elise is a ninja and her mom dress up as a Robocop-esque suit. Both go after the pink diamond/crystal, and they fight each other. After Dan wins at badminton, and Elise and her mom fight each other to reveal secret indenties, Dan wears the Captain's hat, does in the Captain's room, and steers the steering wheel and the cruise heads towards the wrong direction towards directly into that rip in space and time! Now Dan, Chris, Elise and her parents, must figure out a way to steer back. But unortunately, the cruise headed into the rip in space and time. In the end, it repeats back to the teaser of the episode, but with a different scene where Dan ties up in a chair with duct tape. 


  • Despite being a "family cruise," Ben is neither seen nor mentioned.
  • Both Elises have revealed their dark secret to the others.
    • Elise (Jr) reveal to be the top operative of the quasi' government agency.
    • Elise (Sr) reveal to be #5 on the FBI's most wanted list under the name "The Lady."

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