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The Fancy Restaurant
Season 1, Episode 17
Dv117 014 PromoStill
Air date May 21, 2011
Written by Tom Saunders
Directed by Brian Sheesley
Episode guide
"Elise's Parents"


Dan's favorite sandwich shop gets closed down, so he goes after the new gourmet restaurant that replaced it. Guest starring René Auberjonois as Chef Puree.


  • This is the second time Dan does something nice for Elise and Chris, only for it to turn out to be part of him getting his revenge.  Funnily enough, both times it was something expensive.
  • The bathroom attendant uniform doesn't really fit Chris.
  • Elise almost gives away her secret yet again.
  • Chris and Elise went to this restaurant in the episode Burgerphile.

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