The Ninja
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date January 15, 2011
Written by Dan Mandel, Chris Pearson
Directed by Bill Kopp
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"The Ninja" is the fourth episode of the 1st season and the fourth episode overall. It originally aired on January 15, 2011.


When a Ninja steals Dan's milk and cookies, he sets out to get his revenge, with Elise as an unlikely ally.

Summary Edit

Dan uncovers a ninja vendetta after his cookies are stolen by a ninja.

After the ninja stole Dan's cookies, he realized Elise was in the same town and began hunting her. When Dan told them that he had been attacked by a ninja, Elise at first didn't believe him, until he showed her the shuriken the ninja had thrown at him.

Elise explained that the reason that the ninja had stolen Dan's cookies was because the ninjas had taken an oath to never make sweets of their own.

Believing that the ninja would go after Dan to get to Elise, they disguised Chris as Dan because they felt that he would have a better chance of surviving than Dan if poisoned. Chris was later tranquilized, and later that day, the ninja challenged Elise to a duel: if Elise won, he would leave them alone. If Elise lost, he would kill her and go after Dan next. Elise went to fight the ninja and Dan followed her and helped her to defeat him. The ninja surrendered, and explained to them that his entire ninja clan was wiped out in a bus accident.

Dan forced the ninja to make him cookies, and doing so made the ninja (named Dave) give up being a ninja and open a cookie shop named Ninja Dave's Cookies.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the closest Chris has ever gotten to finding out about Elise's Double life. While there are 3 minor times he could of found out, but didn't realize it.
    • With the said two being The Bank and The Mechanic, where she regulary used her spy gear in front of him, and mentioned "Way weirder stuff in the garage." (That last one may have been her subconscious taking over, meaning she may be considering revealing it to him.)
  • This is one of the few times where Elise and Dan are on friendlier terms than normal. Agreeing with each other and going against Chris together is several arguments.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Ninja Dave and his cookie shop, which becomes a frequent hang-out for Dan, Chris, and Elise later in the series.
  • The photo on the milk carton resemmbles BMO's face from Adventure Time.

Characters Edit


  • Elise battling the Ninja.
  • Ninja's are always watching.
  • The Koshugi clan!
  • The home of Jiro.
  • Let's get dangerous!
  • Flying monkies this time of year? That's crazy!
  • You've got mail.

Promos Edit

  • The first promo is a trailer for the series featuring a clip from this episode, notably it's the ONLY clip featured in the trailer. Uploaded on The Hub's YouTube channel on December 30, 2010.
  • The second promo, is an actual trailer that was released the week the episode was scheduled to premiere
    "The Ninja" Promo - Dan Vs00:31

    "The Ninja" Promo - Dan Vs.

    (uploaded on January 12, 2011).
    "Dan Vs00:21

    "Dan Vs." Promo -2

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