The Ski Trip
Season 3, Episode 8
Dan vs the ski trip
Air date February 2, 2013
Written by Kirill Baru, Eric Zimmerman
Directed by Ashley Lenz
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Jury Duty

"The Ski Trip" is the eighth episode of the 3rd season and the forty-eighth episode overall. It originally aired on February 2, 2013.

Overview Edit

A sudden blizzard strands Dan inside an isolated cabin with Elise and they are forced to bond with each other, meanwhile Chris kicks back and hangs out with his newfound friends.

Summary Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The Pleasants are actually escaped mental patients that are also cannibals.
  • Dan thought Chris and Elise were going skeet shooting which is why he came along.
  • Dan says he despises skiing despite never trying it.'
  • Dan and Elise play a game called "Conglomerate", which is very similar to Monopoly, which it's most likely based on.
  • Google's definition for Conglomerate is "relating to a conglomerate, especially a large corporation."
  • The other board games on the shelf were "Jungle Curse", and "Questionable Pursuit".
  • Dan and Elise didn't play Questionable Pursuit because Dan memorized all the answers.
  • Elise almost reveals her Government job to Dan, but instead tells him she's a fisherman.
  • Dan adds Elise to his will, which is written on a Map of Little Bear Mountain.

Characters Edit

Gallery Edit

Promos Edit

  • The first promo is a clip uploaded on The Hub's YouTube channel on January 31, 2013.
  • The second promo is another clip uploaded on The Hub's YouTube channel on February 1, 2013.
Dan Vs01:35

Dan Vs. - "The Ski Trip" (Clip 1) - Hub Network

Dan Vs00:39

Dan Vs. - "The Ski Trip" (Clip 2) - Hub Network

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