Tyra Argentina
Biographical information
Physical description
Gender Female
Chronological Information
Profession Dinosaur
First appearance The Dinosaur
Tyra Argentina is a dinosaur. She first appeared in The Dinosaur (episode).


She is a green tyrannosaurus rex with a collar that says "Tyra".



She has wrecked Dan's car. She was presumed to eat a child's lost dog, so Dan had to tie up all the neighborhood dogs together so they don't get eaten by Tyra. Tyra did not eat the dogs altogether. Instead, she roared at them. After Dan got in the car with Chris and Ben, Tyra carried the car with her mouth almost trying to eat the car, but the car ran away. However the dinosaur starts chasing Dan, Chris and Ben. She is found by Mel Darwin at the museum, and ends up getting strangled by him with a lasso. She sneezed on Chris and made him fake his death. She went to Burgerphile to terrorize the restaurant by eating it, with a bunch of police cars in her way. Dan and Elise came on the roof of Burgerphile, to bomb the dinosaur. The bomb has exploded, but Tyra survived the bomb. She starts laughing for some reason. The dinosaur roared in the sky " "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNN!!!!!!!!!!" after seeing a note from Dan saying "car repairs".

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