Vegan Vic
Biographical information
Age 34
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological Information
Profession Store manager
First appearance Vegetables
Vegan Vic is the owner of the Vegan Vic's Farm Fresh Market (location) seen in Dan vs. Vegetables. He hates it when vegans want meat and beats them up or kill them.

Bio Edit

Dan tried to overthrow his business by selling Burgerphile Burgers but is quickly thrown out with them. Dan ruined his business by trashing his vegetables. After that he and other vegans are forced to starve (probably against their will), one vegan (actually vegetarian) asked for a steak and he is beaten by Vegan. He later appeared on the news where he protest about dying rather than eating meat. Later on the same vegan wanted to eat something Vegan did not like this and nearly killed him until Chris interrupted telling them about the broccoli monster. The starving Vegans eat the monster whole.

Personality Edit

He doesn't take kindly to meat even going far as to kill his vegan friends just so they can stick to vegetables.

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