"What maniac shoots a guy in the butt with an arrow!? Bunch of filthy animals in this town." - Wally, The Wolf-Man

"Wolf-Man" is a bald middle-aged man who turns into a werewolf every full moon. His first appearance was in "The Wolf-Man" where he was featured as the antagonist.

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The Wolf-Man is often seen upright and wears a pair of sneakers.

In his human appearance, he is overweight, balding and is typically seen wearing a suit and glasses.

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The Wolf-Man is a bald middle-aged man who is the owner and store-runner of the Wally's Hardware Emporium and Explosives store throughout episodes.

The Wolf-Man's real name is Wally (hence the name of his store), and he seems pretty normal and chill whenever he's not a wolf every month.

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Dolores Edit

Dolores is the Wolf-Man's daughter, she is first seen in "The Lemonade Stand Gang" when Elise reveals the gang forces people to buy their lemonade, an angered Wolf-Man is seen taking her home at the end of the episode.

Wolf-Man and Dolores are also seen in "Gigundo-Mart" shopping at the very store that is hurting Wolf-Man's own business.

It's unknown if turning into wolf-men is in the family genes and if Dolores can turn into a wolf-man (or wolf-woman?).

Dan Edit

When the Wolf-Man scratched Dan's car in "The Wolf-Man", Dan went on a revenge quest to get back at him, after months of hunting him down, Dan finally discovered where he lived and keyed his car, which upset the Wolf-Man.

After the events of the episode, Dan and Wolf-Man are on friendly terms, they even briefly teamed up together in "Gigundo-Mart" to take down the superstore because it was hurting Wolf-Man's business and was causing Ninja Dave's Cookies to shut down. But Wolf-Man soon deserted the plan after he learned working at Gigundo-Mart offered benefits.

Home Edit

The Wolf-Man appears to live in apartment 314 (revealed at the end of his debut episode). His bed is a giant dog bed, there are several newspapers near his door (that he probably fetched), and there are various references to wolves and the moon on his wall or as decor (pictures of wolf men on the wall, a framed photo of a moon and a little wolf-man figurine on his TV).

It's unknown if his daughter, Dolores, lives with him. His apartment seemingly has room for one and Dolores is nowhere to be seen at the end of The Wolf-Man.

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  • Wolf-Man has a dog bowl on his dining table with his name on it (Wally).
  • Despite being furious that Dan keyed his car, he and Dan seem to be on friendly terms after this episode.
  • Wolf-Man's car appears to be a maroon and white 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark 3.
  • Wally seems to care a lot for his car judging from the fact that he howls into the sky upon discovering that Dan had keyed the car.

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