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The Wolfman
Biographical information
Age 50+
Physical description
Gender Male (♂)
Hair color Brown
Chronological Information
First appearance The Wolf-Man
The Wolf-Man is a werewolf and an antagonist in Dan Vs.

Personality / TraitsEdit

Little is known about the Wolf-Man, considering in the episode, Dan and Chris spend most of their time finding him. Although it shows that he does jog (as suspected by Dan in the beginning), while Dan and Chris pursue him on Halloween. The Wolf-Man also seems to be impervious to pain (except from silver), this is proven when Chris hits the Wolf-Man with his car, as the creature seems to be in no pain at all. He also seems to like tacos, as shown when Dan prepares to shoot him with an arrow.


The Wolf-Man is often seen upright and wears a pair of sneakers. In his rare human form, he happens to be a bald, obese man in glasses (who also happens to be a recurring minor character in several other episodes).

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